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Service Is the Root of Our Business

Ensuring your trees are healthy and standing tall all year round with our services.

Tree Surgeons in the Waterloo Region

Here at Ingold Tree Service, we specialize in residential and commercial clients throughout the region for tree maintenance and removal. Having been in the business for over 64 years, we are backed by an impressive range of work. Conveniently located to serve across the Waterloo region, our tree surgeons cater to businesses and residential clients across Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph and Brantford. We have different crews for every kind of tree work that we offer. We offer tree removals, trimming, stump grinding, mulch delivery, lot clearing, wood lot management and the right of way maintenance. To help you understand how much you are investing in keeping your trees healthy, we offer free estimates after a detailed consultation.

tree posing a danger

Tree Posing a Danger?

Hire us for tree removal, stump grinding and more.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Keep Your Yard Clean

We can provide clean up and wood lot maintenance.

Passionate about Trees?

Passionate about Trees?

If you want to pursue your career as an arborist, join us now.

Trees Add Value to Your Property

Are you looking for a professional tree surgeon to cut down an old tree? All our work is carried out to arboricultural standards by our certified arborists. Our services include:

Tree and shrub inspections

Tree removals

Right of Way Maintenance and wood lot maintenance

Tree trimming

Stump grinding

Mulch and firewood

Pick up or delivery of seasoned hardwood and seasoned campfire wood

Before beginning any work, we will take a tour of your property and gain insight into the condition of the trees and shrubs.

Safety First Always

We are dedicated to our employees’ safety, our clients and the public at all times. You can rest assured of an efficient operation in every project. Our aerial lift specialist, climbing technicians and groundsman are professionally trained in chainsaw handling and safe work practices.

Emergency Tree Services

Our team is dedicated to provide emergency response to the best of our capabilities and depending on conditions. If you see a tree branch resting on or near a communication line or hydropower line REMEMBER to stay away from it, even the ground around it could be live and deadly. Call 911 immediately. 

Our Mission Statement

Our commitment is to provide our clients with the best possible service to meet their specific needs. We employ and train our skilled personnel to take each job as a challenge with a winning attitude.

Our Testimonials

Expertise Is Second to None

“These guys do amazing work. I worked there throughout university and it was an amazing experience. I have never worked so hard in my life. I would lose all the beer weight I gained during the school year. It was amazing to see all the happy customers and it seemed like everyone knew Brian Ingold personally and thought the world of him. Such a great boss and person. A great family company. Their expertise is second to none. The city of Cambridge would contract us to do all the trees that were too difficult for their forestry staff. It's amazing how we would take out a giant tree over a pool or fragile items and we would leave a backyard completely spotless. The clean-up job we would do after was way overboard but makes such a difference to the homeowners. There really is no competition in Cambridge. The climbers at Ingold tree service can do the job way faster and they can beat any quote. Be cautious if someone tries to beat their quote. It might be just some uninsured guy who is going to cut corners. I haven't worked at Ingold for 8 years but will always cherish those days. Could not recommend them more.”


– Kristian W

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