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Convenient Mulch Delivery in the Waterloo Region

At Ingold Tree Service, our mulch delivery and sales in Cambridge is a preferred choice among homes and businesses. The mulch we supply is great to enrich the soil and promote growth and stability to your shrubs and trees. Contact us to for more information or to find out the price on delivery to your location.

Keeping Your Plants Healthy

Most home and business owners know that landscape mulch is known to improve the health, beauty, and longevity of trees and plants. We provide affordably priced mulch for flowerbeds, walkways, tree, and shrubs.

Our natural mulch can improve your soil and plants, keeping them healthy for a longer duration. Make sure not to miss out on this landscaping essential.

Firewood Delivery or Pick-up

Turn to us for premium quality seasoned split hardwood firewood and campfire wood. We can provide delivery at any time of the year. You can even pick up the wood from our yard while supplies last. Some firewood is processed by Ed Ingold still. At 92 years and still working every day (because he wants too), he surely is an inspiration and we admire his work ethics. Ed is happy to show you each of his client’s wood pile, split and piled to their preference for next year’s delivery.


Order your firewood early to avoid disappointment!

Our Testimonials

Expertise Is Second to None

“These guys do amazing work. I worked there throughout university and it was an amazing experience. I have never worked so hard in my life. I would lose all the beer weight I gained during the school year. It was amazing to see all the happy customers and it seemed like everyone knew Brian Ingold personally and thought the world of him. Such a great boss and person. A great family company. Their expertise is second to none. The city of Cambridge would contract us to do all the trees that were too difficult for their forestry staff. It's amazing how we would take out a giant tree over a pool or fragile items and we would leave a backyard completely spotless. The clean-up job we would do after was way overboard but makes such a difference to the homeowners. There really is no competition in Cambridge. The climbers at Ingold tree service can do the job way faster and they can beat any quote. Be cautious if someone tries to beat their quote. It might be just some uninsured guy who is going to cut corners. I haven't worked at Ingold for 8 years but will always cherish those days. Could not recommend them more.”


– Kristian W

Cambridge’s Tree Company

We are skilled and competent professionals in all kinds of tree care services.

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