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Careers at Ingold Tree Service in Cambridge

Are you a specialist in maintaining, removing and raising trees? Join our team today! All you need is to complete a bachelor’s degree in either/and arboriculture, environmental conservation and horticulture. Take a look at our current openings and send in your applications today. For further details, contact Ingold Tree Service in Cambridge.

Unlimited Opportunities – Climb Higher to Grow With Us

Arborist - Climber

Reports to: Crew Leader, Arborist Representative
Primary Function: He/she will serve as a team member of our tree care crew who's primary responsiblity will be climbing and assisting the crew leader in the performance of all duties. Responsibilities include:

Climbing and aerial lift duties for any assignment as instructed by the crew leader or supervisor.

Take part in all safety briefings of the job site, asks questions and improves job safety skills.

Demonstrating proficiency in customer relations

Gaining a basic understanding of tree growth

Equipment inspection skills

Learning and practicing proper climbing and rigging techniques and procedures

Understand the dangers related to electrical hazards

Improving job skills and developing potential to move ahead in their career

Promoting a positive company image


This is a very physically demanding job. Candidates must have a positive attitude , ability to remain alert at all times and be very willing to learn and take orders from crew leader and experienced crew members.

Reports to: Crew Leader
Primary Function: Serve as a team member of a tree care crew with the primary responsibility of assisting climbers and crew leaders in the performance of all duties. Responsibilites include:

Perform ground duties as directed by the designated supervisor.

Take part in all safety briefings of the job site, asks questions and improves job safety skills.

Utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

Asset with safety procedures such as placing cones, signs and provision of flagging services

Utilize hand tools appropriately

Maintain and use chainsaws safely (when qualified)

Assist in tree risk assessment prior to carrying out work

Assist with tree felling procedures

Safe operation of the chipper and other equipment

Assist with parking duties, driving, dumping and back up

Work with climbers and crew leaders

Understand the dangers related to electrical hazards

Report for duty as scheduled

Follows directions form the designated supervisor and crew leader

Adhere to safety policies and participate in safety-related training

Work towards improving job skills and develop potential to step ahead in one’s career

Online Application Form

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Our Testimonials

Expertise Is Second to None

“These guys do amazing work. I worked there throughout university and it was an amazing experience. I have never worked so hard in my life. I would lose all the beer weight I gained during the school year. It was amazing to see all the happy customers and it seemed like everyone knew Brian Ingold personally and thought the world of him. Such a great boss and person. A great family company. Their expertise is second to none. The city of Cambridge would contract us to do all the trees that were too difficult for their forestry staff. It's amazing how we would take out a giant tree over a pool or fragile items and we would leave a backyard completely spotless. The clean-up job we would do after was way overboard but makes such a difference to the homeowners. There really is no competition in Cambridge. The climbers at Ingold tree service can do the job way faster and they can beat any quote. Be cautious if someone tries to beat their quote. It might be just some uninsured guy who is going to cut corners. I haven't worked at Ingold for 8 years but will always cherish those days. Could not recommend them more.”


– Kristian W

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